Todd is Three (Month 10)

Todd at 3 years, 9 months old – May 22, 2018

MAY 21 – JUN 20 (2018)


  • “That’s right”
  • “Me will steal his spot, ha ha ha” (re: taking Eric’s spot on the couch, with evil laugh)
  • “Dad” / “Mom” (instead of only saying Dada/Mama)
  • “I will miss you” (when I left for work); Later that morning he told Eric, “I’m upset that Mama’s not here. I miss Mama”
  • “What you talkin’ ’bout, guys?”
  • “I thought Dada was out there {the living room}, but he is not out there. Maybe he went for a walk.” (he said when Eric was out for a bike ride 1st thing in the morning)
  • “I’m freaked out”
  • “This is a great day”
May 23, 2018


  • Cognitive/Social:
    • He likes to know the plan for each day.
    • He says, “What we get to go to on this day?” and “What is this day?”
    • He likes to delegate. He says, “You put on show {to me}. You get Goppa {to Eric}. I’ll get my pillow blankets.”
    • He likes to learn about places on maps (related to familiar places in WA, OR, ID, UT & HI). He says, “You talk about this picture” (a map of the USA).
    • He asks, “Who built me?” / “Who built you?” / “Who built Dada?”
    • He is getting better about sharing. He said, “Us is sharing?” (when Eric explained that it was his turn to watch a show, then Todd would pick next)
  • Fine Motor:
    • He can independently use the trackpad on my laptop to ‘point & click’; he clicks on “Skip Ad”
    • He threaded beads on a pipe cleaner to make a bracelet (at preschool)
    • He writes his name in fairly recognizable form & copies forward diagonal line, backward diagonal line and ‘X’
  • Self Care/Household:
    • He puts his own toothpaste on brush (with some help) & uncaps/caps the tube.
    • He wanted to get out the front door, so he retrieved a step stool, got a key off the key hook, and tried to find the key hole to put the key in. [Of course, he discovered no key hole on the inside of the door.]
Todd’s bead work – June 6, 2018
Writing his name – June 7, 2018








  • Movies: Moana, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Toy Story 2, Thor: Ragnarok
  • TV shows: Paw Patrol, Masha & The Bear
  • Toys: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Hulk (always!)
  • Fascinated by bugs
  • He likes to take pictures with our phone cameras
  • Squirting ‘water shooters’ on the deck
  • He says:
    • “I want to look at bugs little bit” (by the car before going places)
    • “Skip ad” (when a commercial comes on TV)
    • “I have a problem” (re: Lego)
    • “He is awesome.” (re: Lego Hulk)
    • “He will die if he sleeps? (asking about Yoda while watching a Star Wars movie); “Yoda die?” & “Where’s he now?”
    • “Ow! Son of a nutcracker!” (he learned that line from the movie, Elf)
    • “Let’s try this way. This way will be awesome.” (Standing up 2 lightsabers)
    • “Captain Amer-ca” (he pronounces the ‘c’ instead of saying Amer-ha)
    • “All the guys are down, whatever those guys are”
    • After Eric said, “This is Caddyshack, it’s a classic. You’ll love it someday.” Todd said, “Me love it right now!” (in a firm voice)
Watching Masha and the Bear – June 20, 2018


  • Field trip to the fire station (5/31); Eric said he was afraid of a loud noise when the firefighters had to start up the fire engine to take a call.
  • End of year celebration (6/6); Todd’s classmate yelled out, “Todd is my best friend!”
  • Last day of preschool this year (6/12)
Preschool end of year celebration – June 6, 2018


Leavenworth Fish Hatchery – June 20, 2018
June 20, 2018


  • Squilchuck State Park (5/28)
  • Bike ‘n Juice race in Leavenworth (6/9); He is more interested in looking around at everything and everyone than actually racing!
Squilchuck State Park – May 28, 2018
Bike ‘n Juice – June 9, 2018


  • Apple Valley Gymnastics open gym Mondays
  • Pioneer skate park (5/30)
  • Todd loves going to the “new park” (Eastmont) (6/1, 6/3)
  • Leavenworth park & skate park (6/9)
Pioneer Skate Park – May 30, 2018
Eastmont Park – June 1, 2018
Eastmont Park – June 3, 2018


  • The pool opened (5/23)
  • This month we swam 12x (including at the hotel in Edmonds)
  • Improving ‘big arms’ & kick board control; he can reach for and hold onto the side of the pool
  • He did a spinning jump (6/3)
  • See “Swim Videos: 5/29” and “Swim Videos (Age 3, Month 10)
  • He said:
    • “That was a good day at the pool”
Our baby! – May 27, 2018
June 3, 2018
June 3, 2018
June 3, 2018
Todd & Elisa – June 3, 2018


  • He likes to eat plain Earth Balance from spoon
  • He ate herbed quinoa & he tried a vegan hot dog
  • Dining Out: Taco Del Mar (5/28, 5/31, 6/14), Pybus (6/1), Claudio’s Mexican Restaurant (6/10), pizza at Fire (6/16), Munchen Haus (6/20)
  • He said:
    • “Me am definitely hungry” (when Eric picked him up from preschool)
    • “Me not eat Goppa that cow eat vegan Goppa” (trying to explain that he drinks non-dairy Goppa, not milk from a cow)
    • “These will make me so strong”; “Mmm, juicy” (while eating grapes)
    • “So gross” (he said jokingly right after I said the tofu at the wedding was so good)
Taco Del Mar – May 31, 2018
Eric & Todd at Munchen Haus – June 20, 2018
Munchen Haus – June 20, 2018


  • Todd didn’t take naps this month except:
    • Nap in his bed (5/30)
    • Car nap 2x
    • Couch nap 2x (he was feverish 6/9)
Couch nap – June 13, 2018


  • Without taking naps, he gets to sleep earlier and with fewer books
  • One night, Todd went out to the living room & fell asleep on the couch (first sitting bolt upright, then lying down)
  • One evening, Todd fell asleep after we went to the pool; we took him to bed & he slept through the night
  • He woke up with dry diapers 2x this month
  • He says, “goodnight” to Eric, and “I love you, Dada” before bed
  • He said:
    • “I want to throw it” (he yelled in his sleep at 1 a.m) (5/21)
    • “I’m tired” (it was 6:50 p.m and he didn’t nap that day)
    • “I’m getting tired”
He found Nemo at the park – May 22, 2018


  • He likes to make teeth prints on his forearm (we don’t let him do it, though)
  • Feverish (6/9)
  • 2nd Hepatitis B vaccine (6/15)
  • He said:
    • “I have to go to the bathroom” (instead of saying “I do pee pee”)
    • “Oh my God, me keep hacking” {coughs}
    • “Stop! Stop it! Me said stop already!” (Eric was brushing his hair)

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